A Team Dedicated to Your Safety and Security

Each Gardium Security team member is trained according to the highest standards in order to offer your company all of the security services necessary to provide you with peace of mind 24/7.

With Gardium Security as your partner,
your safety and security is in good hands.

The protection of your personnel and your infrastructures is not something to be taken lightly. Here is why we are the best strategic partner for your protection:

The quality of our team

On top of being competent and experienced, the Gardium Security team stands out for its commitment.

Our ability to quickly deploy qualified personnel

One of Gardium Security’s great strengths is its ability to deploy enough qualified personnel to meet its clients’ needs.

Our local service

You can contact your account manager at any time.

A long-term partnership

Long-term partnerships are part of our organization’s DNA. No matter the situation, we strive to find winning solutions for both parties, because we see you first and foremost as partners, not clients.


Whether you are dealing with sensitive theft, fraud or harassment files, or questionable cases of workplace health and safety, we can offer support and conduct confidential investigations.

Background Checks

Reduce the risk of workplace incidents by using our background check service to confidently hire appropriate candidates.

Technology Solutions

Dedicated personnel and state-of-the art monitoring equipment provide you with peace of mind while monitoring any suspicious behaviour. You enjoy custom protection in real time that allows for a quick response in the case of any wrongdoing.

Private Security

Protect your assets and personnel with seasoned private security agents and mobile patrols deployed at your various locations. Gardium Security’s experts control access to sensitive areas to ensure their complete surveillance.

Labour Disputes and Executive Protection

Protect your management team and infrastructures if relationships become strained during difficult negotiations or labour disputes. Our security service deploys strategic, considered actions that are also intended to reduce any tensions.


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years dedicated to your safety and security

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