Konek and Konek mobile deployment

Everything you need to know for the deployment of Konek and Konek Mobile

We are deploying Konek (Employee Portal) and Konek Mobile (Web Application) for Gardium operations. You have received an email communication explaining the Konek and Konek Mobile deployment process.

This web page brings together in a common place all the information necessary for the deployment of Gardium operations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via dispatch or your contract officer.

Thank you for your collaboration,

The direction


How to contact Gardium’s Dispatch For Konek related questions

Phone: 450-974-2791

Email: Konek@gardium.com

Konek/Konek Mobile

  • Here is the URL link for the Konek employee portal (Payroll & T4/R1 slips): https://algo.gardium.com/konek
    • Your User Code has already been communicated to you via a mass email.
    • If you can no longer find this email, you can contact dispatch at konek@gardium.com to receive it.



We have a simple solution for you. Please contact us at 450-974-2791 or at konek@gardium.com so we can explain it to you.

Yes you must punch in & out of your shift. You collaboration is necessary for the success of the Konek deployment.

Konek mobile is a "web application", which means that there is no real installation of the application on your phone. Rather, it is a URL link that can be accessed by either a phone or a computer. The shortcut installation guides you received are simply for "installing" the URL link shortcut, instead of having to write the link each time.

If, however, even after this explanation, you still do not want to have the shortcut on your phone, know that this is not an obligation.

It is important to mention that punching in your shift starts and ends is mandatory.

  • If you are working on a contract with an Officer
    • Simply send him an email or contact him/her to notify him/her.
    • Your officer will be able to adjust your punches manually.
  • If you are working on a contract managed by dispatch
    • Simply contact dispatch to notify us.
    • The dispatcher on duty will be able to adjust your punches manually.

There are 3 types of situations

  • Regular Contract with Officer
    • Your Officer will inform you of the start date of your contract, he has already received a forecast of the deployment date for his contract.
  • Regular Contract without Officer (managed by dispatch)
    • Disptach will contact you directly to follow up before deploying your contract.

Here is a list to help you:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the shortcut on your phone;
  • Clear your browser cache/history on your phone;
  • Contact us at konek@gardium.com

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