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Background Checks

Are you looking for staff? However, you need to protect your business. Depending on the staff you hire, background checks can be very beneficial. Making the right decision is important and Gardium Security can help you with the background history of your potential candidates.

It is recommended that any company carry out such verification for all types of positions to be filled within its company. This audit helps ensure a healthy and safe work environment for employees and managers while protecting the reputation of the company.

Gardium stands out for its speed of execution, the quality of its investigation reports and the quality of customer service. As a recruiter, it is essential to obtain criminal background information quickly so as not to lose excellent candidates due to delays. In addition, our reports are clear and concise while making the criminal code easier to understand.

Background checks provide employers with insightful information for recruiting staff. A criminal background check carried out by Gardium Security helps assure your company that you have all the information regarding the qualified candidate so you can establish good relationships from the start.

What information is obtained in a criminal background report?

A criminal background report is the history/record of an individual who has been involved in a criminal event or failure to comply with the laws. Any event of a criminal nature or indecent act is transferred to the court for judgment. Whether a crime is minor (summary procedure) or major (indictable offence), the offenses are punishable by the Crown prosecutor.

What is important to remember is that regardless of the level of the charge, if the final plea is guilty it creates a criminal record for the person.

All this information is kept in a confidential database and accessible as needed. A criminal record has a direct impact on the position targeted and can lead to a refusal of hiring in certain cases, depending on the industry, the employer and the disclosure of information in the hiring documents. In this way, the company acts with full knowledge of the facts.

There are 3 levels (levels) of offense:

Municipal: each city is independent and has its own directory. Generally speaking, there are minor offenses such as drunk driving, “petty theft”, minor assault, fraud, mischief, etc. The details of the file are accessible such as the nature of the offense, the pleas, the sentence and the statute.

Provincial: any criminal act (major or minor) is found at this level for the Province of Quebec. Details of the case are accessible such as the nature of the offense, pleas, sentence and status. (guilty, not guilty, ongoing).

National: any criminal act across Canada is found at this level. A statement must, however, be disclosed to have an affirmation of the offenses. Only causes deemed guilty or those in progress will be revealed. Offenses found not guilty or acquitted do not constitute a criminal record; they are therefore not considered in this particular database.

Exceptions are always possible:

  • Some cases are not registered in the different levels and only fingerprinting could be the solution to have the complete file.
  • The sector of activity of a company is an essential element to consider when properly researching the future employee in order to reduce the risk of erroneous or irrelevant information.
  • Knowing that offenses are sometimes recorded in one place and some are linked to trades/professions, it is essential to fully understand the issues.
  • The Canadian judicial system has a procedure that differs from one level/province to another.

If we want to get as close as possible to a person’s complete file, we recommend carrying out the 3 levels of research. It is therefore easy to waste a lot of time in these searches. This is why Gardium Security is here to make your job easier.

Our experience will guide you in making an informed selection for the type of verification to consider.

We are a leader in the field and our customer service is second to none. We are always available and attentive to any complex situations or for advice.

Do not hesitate to contact our Team to discuss it and find out more about us. We will be able to respond to each of your needs adequately and precisely.

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