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COMPANY Choose for an irreproachable level of security in your company! Our pre-employment platform allows you to make all your requests online and quickly obtain results.
INDIVIDUAL Discover our personalized background check services.

Background Checks

Discover the new pre-employment platform for criminal background checks for your candidates throughout Canada!

Gardium Security offers a new online platform to assist employers with candidate recruitment by conducting background checks related to the hiring process.
Our pre-employment platform enables rapid transmission of requests and results for criminal background checks in Quebec and Canada.

Discover all the advantages for your business:

Quick and easy request process
Competitive rates
Total data security
Personalized bilingual service
Flexible online billing and payment
Real-time updates for background checks
Immediate email notification when there is a change in status or important update
Centralized information : reports, attachments, notes and follow-up
And much more !

Gardium Security helps prevent risks to your business and verifies the credibility of your candidates. By conducting background checks as a primary step in the hiring process, you help to create a reliable, trustworthy team.

Take advantage of all our services:

Criminal Records Background Checks

Criminal records background checks with the CPIC
Verification of Québec courthouses judicial records
International criminal check

References Check

Professional references check (employment confirmation, CV authentification)
Personal references check (education verification: diploma, certificate, reports...)

Any Other Information Requests

Drivers License verification (SAAQ) & Drivers License USA
Credit Bureau inquiries
Psychometric test
Lidia Lara

Lidia Lara

Background Checks Director

To ensure the integrity of your company’s activities, we carefully process information about your potential employees. Contact us to learn more about background checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to register to the pre-employment platform, how can I do?
    It is very easy, contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 450 974-4034 ext. 227 and you will get access to your customer account very quickly.
  • Why should I choose the Gardium Security background check platform?
    Attentive to our customers, our platform is technologically innovative, easy to use, and completely adapted to your needs. Gardium Security is known for our personalized, quality service and quick turnaround times! Besides, Gardium is a GRC accredited firm, an ensured sign of confidence!
  • Can I conduct all my background check requests online?
    Yes, all requests are made directly through the platform. Once you have registered, you always have access to your customer account and you can submit requests for information.
  • How long does it take to process a request?
    Processing times vary depending on the type of background check and investigation, but in general you should have a response within 8 hours.
  • What are the rates?
    You can make background check requests for as little as $20. The full rates are available on the platform. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions if you have a high volume of requests. Contact us for more detailed information.


Trust the leader to obtain results confidentially

Logo Agence Métropollinaine d'insvestigation

New Gardium’s branch: the Agence Métropolitaine d’Investigation, specializing in the field of shoplifting investigation and prevention.

Gardium Security acquires the Agence Métropolitaine d’Investigation (A.M.I) specializing in the field of shoplifting investigation and prevention.

The importance of building a first-rate team and guaranteeing quality service allows to consolidate the credibility and trust of all clients.

Logo Agence Métropollinaine d'insvestigation
Martin Coté

Martin Coté

Conflicts, Investigations and Background Checks Vice President & Associate

Our investigators have solid experience and always handle their investigations with the utmost confidentiality. To learn more about our investigation techniques, please contact us.

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