Private Security

Our team has your interests at heart and an eye on your safety and security

Each Gardium Security partner benefits from expert advice from an account manager who analyzes the risk factors related to your area of activity in order to plan custom interventions. Our personalized approach is proactive, which guarantees your company superior protection.

Deftly integrating private security best practices with your internal procedures, our experienced agents offer local service while respecting your corporate culture.

Our modern dispatch centre located in the Montreal area allows us to offer you access to specialized resources, competent personnel and mobile patrollers to meet your needs 24/7.

Service Description

  • Provide custom security services for specialized sites (commercial, governmental, industrial, manufacturing and building management)
  • Monitor construction sites, and various resource extraction sites
  • Monitor and transport business assets, merchandise delivery
  • Guard and transport individuals (patients and inmates) in institutional contexts
  • Provide remote monitoring
  • Monitor confined spaces
  • Agents have ASP Construction and Safety training
  • C-TPAT – Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism accreditation
  • Monitor and handle controlled goods
  • NATO Secret Security Classification
Julie Léger

Julie Léger

Vice President & Associate Private Security

Our security service can develop appropriate measures for your company suited to its specific risk factors. We are available at your convenience should you wish to learn more.

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