Why Choose Gardium’s Central Video System for the Outer Perimeter of Your Construction Site or Business?

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Vandalism, fires and theft are unfortunately common, and we hear about them all too often in the news. The majority of targets are businesses and construction sites with valuable material assets. Anger, frustration and bewilderment are the result, causing stress that owners, directors and managers can do without.

Choose Gardium’s central surveillance system, the best solution at every level to reduce risk considerably, ensure the profitability of your projects, and protect your assets.

Known as skilled professionals in the field, Gardium Security offers a state-of-the-art surveillance service which exceeds expectations when it comes to preventative security. Efficient, innovative and reliable, our system brings true value to your organization.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Gardium system:

1. Continual Surveillance and Peace of Mind at All Times

A combination of surveillance cameras, detection software and operator response lets you keep an eye on every area of your worksite or place of business, 24/7. Strategically placed, the cameras allow for better control of your outer perimeter. Detect intrusions and respond immediately through microphone and speaker.

2. An Effective Deterrent

The presence of cameras linked to a central system, along with quick reaction to a suspect, can prevent potential acts of vandalism or theft. Warning notices around your construction site or company building complement Gardium Security’s preventative approach. This greatly reduces the risk of theft or vandalism while remaining an easy precaution to put in place.

3. A Lower-Cost Alternative

Not everyone can afford the rapidly-increasing costs of on-site security guards. Gardium’s central video system is the perfect solution for balancing quality and price while enabling efficient on-the-ground response. The system’s subscription fees are very affordable and quickly return a profit.

Trust the Experts in Security for Your Protection Project!

Gardium Security offers surveillance consulting services, and helps you with the choice and strategic placement of your security cameras. If you are already using cameras, it is possible to connect them to Gardium’s innovative, technologically advanced system.

How Is the Gardium System Different?

Gardium offers a secure, ultra-reliable system 24/7 thanks to technology and artificial intelligence!

Gardium’s software is equipped with an AI engine able to detect movements rapidly, generate a system of automatic alerts, and thus react almost instantaneously. Some security companies offer a central video surveillance system monitored by a security guard. Unfortunately, it is no easy task to detect an intrusion while watching several sites at once in front of dozens of screens! Gardium’s solution solves this problem with cutting-edge technology, regardless of how many business locations and surveillance cameras you have.

More than fifty satisfied customers are already using this service, so what are you waiting for? Find out more by consulting our expertise in strategic technological solutions.

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